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Elizabeth Warren was not only my initial first choice in the Democratic primary, her campaign also represents the first time I’ve donated to a candidate during the primary process.  However, I became a (somewhat critical) supporter of Bernie Sanders’ campaign since a couple months ago when Warren was clearly starting to struggle to maintain her momentum in the nomination race.  On twitter and elsewhere, I’ve criticized the Sanders campaign for what I believe are serious messaging and tactical mistakes, and I’ve criticized some of his supporters for over-the-top attacks on opponents. I stand by that.

That having been said, now that the race has clearly narrowed down to a competition between Sanders and Joe Biden, I do think the best outcome is for all progressives, including Warren supporters to back Bernie Sanders in the remaining contests.

I understand that many Warren supporters feel very disappointed in the present moment. For many of us, Warren represented the first time we ever heard ideas from intersectional feminism being presented by a candidate on the presidential debate stage. For many women, queers and trans people, Elizabeth Warren made us felt seen. And that’s deeply important, and Sanders supporters who are trying to reach out to us should hold that in mind.

What’s more, Elizabeth Warren dedicated two of her debate performances specifically to tanking Michael Bloomberg’s oligarchical campaign. His election would have legitimized an outrageous history of racism, sexism and transphobia, on top of being an exploitative billionaire. And if it weren’t for Warren, we could today instead have been looking at a surging Bloomberg campaign, and yes that would unquestionably be even worse than Biden taking the lead.

A criticism I have is that I don’t understand why Sanders supporters consistently don’t put effort into acknowledging Warren’s role in tanking Bloomberg when they reach out to her former supporters. This could do a lot to build trust and convince Warren supporters that Bernie’s movement “sees” them too (and it certainly would be better than all the inappropriate “snake” stuff).

But that having said, the fact is that Joe Biden will not make a great president. Certainly, he would be a significantly better president than Donald Trump, but that isn’t saying very much. He would keep the Supreme Court from falling completely into the hands of the radical right, and that is very important (for example, Bernie’s medicare-for-all will surely be impossible to achieve for decades in that scenario). But Biden’s election would also legitimize a history of sexism and racism, and he would be influenced by the same establishment centrists who convinced Obama to let corrupt Wall Street executives off the hook for financially exploiting and bankrupting ordinary people all across America.

And while the fact is that Bernie really has an uphill battle at this point to regain the momentum in the nomination process, even if he doesn’t win, a close contest does a better job at sending a message to Biden and his allies that he needs to consider progressive policies and perspectives if he is going to be able to win an election against Trump and effectively govern after that.

And the truth is that Bernie’s effective campaigning for medicare-for-all is probably the only reason Biden even has a plan to extend Obamacare with a public option at all. By pushing on Biden as hard as possible from the left in this process, we can at least try to convince him to push for the most robust expansion of healthcare possible.

And what’s more, the harder we make this nominating process for Biden, the better chances we have of convincing him that he should choose Elizabeth Warren as treasury secretary, or perhaps even VP.

The bottom line here is that Bernie Sanders is a good and moral person who believes that all Americans deserve equal opportunities and equal access to healthcare, and wants to enact a US foreign policy that is based on the best of American ideals, not our worst instincts. That’s why I encourage former Warren supporters to vote for Bernie Sanders in the remaining primary contests.



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