In a victory for women across the U.S., today Congress decided to stop playing games and finally passed the overdue Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  Importantly, in the end Congress passed the far superior Senate version of the bill that included support and resources for trans women, queer women, undocumented women and all women living on native lands.

VAWA was allowed to expire during last year’s election cycle as a result of GOP foot dragging, although many expected that would end in the aftermath of the election (especially one in which Republicans performed particularly poorly with women voters).  However, the foot dragging continued, even after the Senate recently passed a fully inclusive version of VAWA.  For a moment, it looked like the GOP might attempt to pass a much more narrow version of the bill, which would have almost certainly lead to difficulties in passing the bill at all.  Luckily, women’s groups across the country stood their ground, the Senate stood with them, and finally today the GOP accepted reality: all women deserve support and the resources to combat pervasive misogynistic violence throughout the country.

See here to learn more about and sign a petition in support of an ongoing campaign by women anti-violence activists at the University of North Carolina.