Update (Dec. 18): Lexi Tronic has now released her own personal statement on the situation with xtra!.


Update (Dec. 14): Mr Glenwright has released a rather bizarre statement on this matter. I’m afraid this complicates the situation significantly. More soon.


Earlier today, the trans community reacted strongly in the aftermath of an incident in which an Xtra! editor publicly, inappropriately referred to Toronto trans icon Lexi Tronic by her birth name.

I can now announce that Xtra! editor Danny Glenwright has personally apologized to Lexi, and Lexi has accepted his apology. As a result, we are now calling off the boycott entirely 🙂

As it turns out, today’s incident was in part due to a misunderstanding. Mr. Glenwright has stated that he did not intend to insult or demean Lexi or any other trans person in any way. Rather, his intention was to comment on her success as she has grown from a child to the amazing woman she is today. He simply didn’t understand that using her birth name was totally inappropriate or that it carried such weight.

Mr. Glenwright has further stated that in taking the position of editor at Xtra! that one of his main goals is to advance the story of trans people and trans rights. So while his act of referring to a trans woman’s birth name was inappropriate, his intentions were positive, which was not clear to those of us who called for the boycott. Certainly he never had any intention of hurting Lexi in any way.

For her part, Lexi told me that she accepts Mr. Glenwright’s apology unconditionally. She also commented that boycott itself may not be a perfect solution in any case, as she is more interested in creating dialogue than shutting it down. From her perspective, there may be points of improvement in the future, however she is looking forward to Xtra’s continued (and hopefully furthered) engagement with the trans community.

On a personal note I will admit that for just a split-second I hesitated on the boycott. The issue was certainly that important, I have no doubt of that, but I worried for a moment that maybe we were putting an end to a developing story rather than beginning a new one.

Indeed, when Lexi and I chatted a few moments ago we acknowledged between us that neither of us can claim to be totally perfect on these issues ourselves. Everyone makes mistakes, and Lexi wants to emphasize that mistakes should serve as an opening point for dialogue and growth, rather than a moment to shut down discussion.

Finally, Lexi Tronic, myself, and the other activists who called for this boycott would like to thank all of you for the over-whelming support we received today. We look forward to engaging in the future all the issues that we have touched on today. ❤

Mr. Glenwright, thank you for your apology.